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Daniel & Lauren

Daniel & Lauren Swan

Daniel and Lauren Swan are the owners and founders of OnMedicare LLC. They are a compassionate and extremely knowledgeable husband and wife team from Green Bay, WI. Both are licensed health insurance agents. Daniel has been in this field of business and leadership for the last 15 years. He is an EXPERT when it comes to anything and everything regarding Medicare and health insurance. He has been the "go to" person for answers for hundreds of agents and agencies when unique and challenging situations and questions arise.  Lauren has a master's degree in education and aides in the educational seminars and trainings. She has a heart for helping others and keeps the agency organized and running smoothly. Together they have four children and two dogs. For fun Daniel loves to hunt, fish, mountain bike, sing, and play many different instruments such as the guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, and mandolin. Lauren loves to travel, especially to tropical places, read, play games, sing, serve at church, and garden.

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